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I'm Maisie – the voice behind The Luxury Copywriter, but first and foremost I'm a luxury consumer.    


I will never forget my good friend’s justification as I pondered over the purchase of my first pair
of Jimmy Choos – “you’re paying for that feeling” she said, like the well-dressed devil on my

And she was right, I wanted the feeling.  

I wanted in.

You see when it comes to luxury, customers are demanding more than a transactional exchange of
material goods, they want to be part of an experience. They want brands with a story they can share, companies with an ethos they believe in and ultimately, they want to buy into a life-long relationship that represents everything they are and all they aspire to be.

And this is where I come in.

Let me transport your audience with beautiful, specific and sales-boosting stories. From search-engine seducing web copy to act-now newsletters and evocatively crafted catalogues, I can help your small, medium or global business to create, share and sell that feeling.  

Do you know the one?

Then I’m already tapping my favourite pair of Choos on your shoulder. Let’s get started.

For more information about my professional experience, academic background and writing awards please visit my LinkedIn.